We specialized in Lime Base MICROCEMNT  finishes , Ultra modern textures for the minimalist space. Our treatment is based in Lime marble stucco & flexible polymers we prepare our own formula to install in any superficial, this material is suitable for High traffic environments like Restaurants and Bathrooms. our installation is ready to pas city  inspection codes. This texture can be applied also in Tables and Counter tops it requires a different preparation to install over ceramic tiles without making any tile demolitions , if you have a  kitchen we can Re skim coat easily also without demolitions. Any color available .Contact us for more info.

Deck with a touch of art.

we use the traditional method used for  hallways, decks, balconies, patios and stairs. what is making different our installation from the traditional is that we finish with a beautiful lime marble finish on top. making us the only one in the us. using this euro technique.