Custom Lime Base tables & ParotA WOOD slabs 

One of a kind realization is a uniquely fashioned pieces designed with a visual appeal to those who crave the soothing comfort of a more familiar creativity with a touch of unexpected innovation. This handmade and inspired creations has a base of all natural, responsibly sourced, exotic Guanacaste Parota Wood Slabs  and a special finish of our proprietary Lime marble a calcium solution with natural Beeswax. It’s actually good for the planet and also for your peace of mind. This gives the beautiful tables an extremely convenient and lightweight feel with the visual illusion of an enhanced form of modeled concrete. It’s the pleasure without the pain, the beauty without the stain,  No matter the placement, I’m sure we can concur that it’s simply divine.


 The technical description is as below:

Our natural and responsibly sourced wood is finished with our proprietary calcium formula and Bee wax. Te top are made of 4 coats of Lime Cement stucco (Italian Import) with our special formula to bond perfectly to our  panels. After that we sealed with mineral Italian sealer and 2 coats of Urethane for maximum protection and water proofing

Our benches are crafted to match our lovely tables and made of the same wood and proprietary finishing technique.

We also offer oversized tables on special request.


If you already have a table or Counter top that you like to Skim coat with our Italian Lime Stucco  please send us a picture and we will send you a quote for Re-coating. Any Color Pigmentation available.

You can always Text us any time for any questions (949)706-4329